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HMD & Permissions

Please feel free to drop a comment or constructive criticism here at this post and I'll see what I can do to improve! Any questions in general can be brought here as well if you don't know how else to reach me. Comments are anon enabled with ip logging disabled.

backtagging/threadjacking: yes to both! no matter how late it is, I always welcome backtags.
fourthwalling: as long as you don't act like you know every intimate detail of his life it should be fine
hugging/kissing/flirting: oh... u///u. go ahead, it'll probably be hysterical
fighting: injuring and fighting is fine, whether it's in pokemon battles or actually fighting cilan himself. killing is something I'd rather talk about first though
mind-reading/brainwashing/hypnosis: if you have a permissions post for this then I'll fill it out! otherwise, just ask first
triggers: I'm generally okay with anything that's IC for the character/situation. if it's something completely out of the blue then I'll generally let you know whether I'm comfortable with that or not.

additional note: So I don't confuse anybody with this for people who are unsure, I'm using the English names of people, Pokemon, cities, and a few other small details. ("Connoisseur" > "Sommelier", for example) However, his speaking patterns (and voice) are based on the Japanese subs of the anime rather than the English dub since that's the language I watch the show in. If I flub up on something or say the wrong thing, do feel free to kindly point it out to me so I can fix it or make a note of keeping it from happening again. OTL

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