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private instant messenger (for [community profile] empatheias)

Need to talk privately with Cilan? Send him a message via the crystal or carrier pigeon? Want to meet with him without posting a log for it?
Here's the place to do it!
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[She's thought a lot about this but the more she's thought the more convoluted her thinking has become. So, it's just best to do it and get it over with.]

Ah, Cilan-san, are you busy right now? I... I would like to talk to you about something important. Face-to-face might be best, but we can do it over the crystals if you're unable to get away.
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[Of course he should be concerned. Sonia doesn't sound like her normal self at all.]

Would you be willing to meet me out by the lake? Where we had the picnic?
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[When Cilan gets closer, he'll see Sonia staring out over the water's surface as she watches the approach. Her face isn't anywhere near as happy as she's been before, almost like she's lost some sleep and could use a few good hours rest after a meal. And she isn't really paying much attention.

It's obvious when she spots him, she tries to smile and wave, but it's half-hearted at best.]

Thank you for coming at such a last minute request. I didn't mean to pull you from anything important.
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Not entirely.

[There's no point in lying to him, after all. It would be stupid of her to even attempt it, especially with Enoshima running around.]

I must speak to you about something very important. You may not want to hear it, but I ask that you at least hear what I have to say before you decide anything.
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[It is very, very, very serious.]

As you know, Hinata-san, Komaeda-san and I are classmates. That is not entirely true, however. We all attended a very prestigious school in a country called Japan that scouted high school aged teenagers for their talents. Because the school was interested in those talents, studying them and trying to quantify them so that they could be reproduced in others. Komaeda-san's talent is Luck. Mine is being the epitome of a princess. Kirigiri-san's is being a detective.

Even Junko Enoshima has a talent. She is both the Ultimate Fashionista and Ultimate Despair.

[She takes a deep breath before continuing on. This is much harder than she ever imagined it being, but it's the right thing to do.]

In the end, the fifteen members of my class were lonely people all shunted together because we had talents that Hope's Peak wished to utilize. Of course, we were all guaranteed success in our chosen fields after we graduated, so it was an honor to attend.

I don't actually remember attending the school or graduating or making friends in my year or the years below or above. All of those memories were taken from myself and my classmates by an organization calling itself the Future Foundation. We were rounded up, had our memories erased and then taken to an island for rehabilitation.

[Her arms come around her middle and she holds herself to keep from shaking. The words come out of her mouth, but she's so disconnected from them, so ready for this to be over that she can't stop now that she's started.]

We needed to be rehabilitated because we'd joined Enoshima-san in becoming Ultimate Despair and destroying nearly everything about our world for the sake of despair. Countries, governments, organizations, society as a whole was nearly wiped out by a group of high school students with enough malice and connections and patience to use what the academy was doing against them.

I... I don't know exactly what we actually did. The details were never given to us, but Enoshima-san has confirmed some of what I learned. There is a high probability that my parents and my nation are gone and that I am responsible for it. I fear that it's worse than that. That I am a monster who has no memory of being so but deserves to be put down anyway.

[She raises a hand to bat at the tears that have started to fall. Feeling sorry for herself won't change anything and serves no purpose.]

It is dangerous to be my friend, Cilan-san. Extremely dangerous.
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[She didn't really do this so that Cilan would hate Junko. No, she knows that he deserves to know about her, both as a way to protect himself and to give him the chance to decide if he wants to continue being around her. She would respect his decision either way, but to see that he isn't backing away in horror is a bit of a relief.

When he takes her hands, she can feel both the attempt to comfort her and something else that she can't quite name. It helps her to look up at him, just in time to miss his eyes as he stares at their joined hands and catch the expression on his face. She expected something terrible, but he's being so kind, so understanding that even his questions sting less than she'd hoped.]

Do I regret them? Yes, of course I do! We all do. I feel sick when I think about all of the things that might have happened, that I could have done. Not remembering them doesn't make them any less my fault, my responsibility.

I can't take them back, undo them. However, I will do everything in my power to avoid repeating them as well.
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[Most of what he says is so much what she wants to hear from someone that she can't really believe it's real, not until his arms come around her in a hug. The last few hugs she's had have been initiated by herself, except for that one from Nanami-san the day before. A part of her screams that she doesn't deserve his understanding, his kindness, his friendship, but she's also just selfish enough to desire it all the more.]

I'm sorry to have hurt you, Cilan-san. That isn't what I wanted to do by telling you all of this. I wanted to spare you pain and...

Enoshima-san will try to hurt me and the others and she isn't shy about using those around us to do so. I don't want her to use you.

[She pulls back, tears still falling despite her wish that they'd stop.]

I don't want her anywhere near you. Or Red-san. Or near anyone else here that has been kind and good to me since my arrival. You're all such good, kind people and she's...awful.

Cilan-san, it is not too late to distance yourself from me for your own protection. I wouldn't blame you for doing so. I would understand.

[Saying that hurts more than she can even express and a sharp, cold breeze blows by, reeking of pain and loneliness.]

I wouldn't blame you.
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[Sonia can't help the watery smile that cuts through her pain. Although, she hates that Junko has tried to hurt someone so kind and good like Cilan. It's not the first time for her former friend, but it angers Sonia anyway.

But she's not sure that he understands exactly what he's saying just then. Though, she can't help the speeding of her heartbeat, which sounds like low-key, tinkling charms.]

You would stand up for me? And protect me from Enoshima-san and others? You would be my champion?

Then, I suppose I should give you a token of my favor.

[And before she can overthink things, she leans over and kisses his cheek.]
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/screams forever in happiness

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[Sonia's appreciative sparkles are everywhere. They are large and bright? And are her eyes shaped like sparkles too? Yes, they might just be. She's wearing an extremely pleased smile on her own blushing face and the air is full of good, warm feelings that are probably obviously affection and admiration.]

But I wanted to, Cilan-san. You have offered to champion for me against my enemies. That makes you my knight. And it is both my duty and my pleasure to show you my favor. There is no one else that I can think of that I would rather have do that for me.
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I think a better question to ask is "How are they so cute?"

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[She is so happy right now that she's sure she will burst from it, and the pounding of her heart actually sounds like the tinkling of glass, audible for probably everyone in about ten kilometers to hear.

His declaration gets a startled, pleased laugh out of her.]

You don't have to do anything differently, Cilan-san. [She reaches over to take one of his hands.] You've been wonderful already.
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But is it a Poké mystery?

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[Despite her tears making her look a little blotchy, she hasn't felt so relieved and happy for a while. She squeezes his hand.]

I will keep you in mind should I require anything, Cilan-san. That is part of naming a champion, after all. However, I ask that you do the same. If there is anything that you need help with, I am at your disposal.